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Alex Tortoise Cinnamon 

Alex is the model who in all its simplicity catches everyone's eyes.




Gelo Cinnamon

Gelo is the model that takes you back to the early 80's with its groovy design.




Nicki Gold Cinnamon

Nicki is a modern classic that you can wear in all different contexts.




Lia Havana Black

Lia is one of our smallest style with a round design. 




Modena Black Black

Modena is still one of our most popular models even though it was launched in 2018.




Monza Tortoise Gradual Brown

Monza is our classic design with a modern touch.




Gelo Blue

Gelo is carefully selected and designed to perfection to create a feeling of minimalism and luxury.




Todd Champagne Gradual Brown

Todd is an iconic model that suits most people and is the pair you can always use.




Monza Black Black

 Monza is one of our most popular sunglasses with an oversized design.




Gelo Yellow

Gelo is the model you choose if you only get to choose one pair this season.