The ambitions behind Corlin Eyewear has always been to make great looking sunglasses in a sustainable way without compromise with quality or design. We have already done a lot to make a difference in the category of sunglasses but we still have a long way to go. We are confident that we will be able to create a company that is sustainable not only in the product-development but also in a social environment. 

          "Sustainability takes forever, and that’s the point"

What have we done so far? 

Sustainable product

We have managed to produce our first collection created in recycled plastic. By re-using plastic waste directly collected from our factory, we don’t need to produce more plastic than is already available today. Further, we have worked extensively with lenses and hinges in our sunglasses as these are important components for a product that will last a long time. Therefore, we use a CR39 lens that is shock/scratch resistant and equipped with 100% UV (400) protection. We have also, on all sunglasses possible, transitioned to a 3:2 hinge that lasts longer than a 2:1 hinge and creates a better overall experience for you as a customer.


We have designed our case according to the dimensions of the sunglasses so we do not have to make it larger than our sunglasses require which saves space in transportation. The fact that we have created it in a flat format makes it easy for us to adapt the outer packaging to a reasonably large carton. In this way, we do not need to use unnecessarily large packages and the shipping company can accommodate more packages in each shipment. Which means fewer rounds of driving.

Shipping and returns

Today we can proudly say that we climate-compensate all freight from our warehouse and work actively to reduce the number of returns to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We do this by continuously analyzing why products come back and thus being able to influence this even before you buy a product. By having more pictures of the product, clear dimensions, and other details on our sunglasses we can reduce the returns.

Where are we going? 

Sustainable product

We have already started to create sunglasses in recycled plastic, but we can do more. We always strive for increased sustainability. This is something we will work with on an ongoing basis, both in our material choices and in the design. We have several ideas that are being tested right now and we are looking forward to launching this as soon as possible.



To continue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we work actively to improve freight in various ways. One of our close goals is that more than 50% of all our purchases will be delivered by boat/train.


Supplier and partners work conditions

We want to make sure that working conditions are good throughout the product chain. Today, we have daily contact with our supplier of sunglasses which we also have been visiting to ensure the working conditions. In the future, we also want to be able to ensure good working conditions with any subcontractors.