About us

The idea behind Corlin Eyewear started in 2017 in a small student dorm room. We were two young students with a vision to design affordable sunglasses. However, during the journey of designing sunglasses, our vision for Corlin Eyewear quickly changed. Today, our goal is to combine fashion and sustainability without having to make the sunglasses unaffordable. 


The journey to do so isn't easy and we have a long way to go, but by taking one step at the time we believe that we will be able to both create sustainable sunglasses and a sustainable company. We always strive for increased sustainability and this is something we will work with on an ongoing basis for all parts of the business. We have several ideas that are being tested right now and we are looking forward to launching this as soon as possible.

The Recycled Collection

The frames are made of 100% recycled plastic and the sunglasses are also equipped with a CR39 lens that is scratch resistant and has 100% UV (400) protection. The front and the shell are composed of a five-cylinder hinge to improve the quality of the connection between the temple and front.. There is also a case made of hard cardboard and a pouch which makes it easy to both protect and carry the sunglasses.


Manufacturing process

When new sunglasses are manufactured, plastic is melted to design the frame. When doing so, some of the melted plastic is discarded. By collecting the plastic waste and melting it down again, the plastic is reused and we can reduce the waste of plastic directly inside the factory. The quality of the sunglasses is almost like new ones, and together, with you, we have taken a small step towards a more sustainable future.