Do you have any questions? We are always ready to help.

Do you provide International delivery?
Yes, we provide free shipping all over the world.

How do I return an item?
Contact us at: Support@corlineyewear.com

Where is your company based?
We’re a Swedish based company. Contact us in Swedish or English, your choice.

​How many days does shipping take?
Usually, 3-5 days.

Do I have to pay extra charges or taxes?
If your country is part of the EU, there should be no additional charges and taxes. Countries outside the EU can have their own laws and regulations. Please contact the customs in your country for information on any additional charges and taxes.


What are your delivery options?
We deliver by mail. You will receive your Corlin eyewear in your mailbox. If the package doesn’t fit your mailbox you will receive a text message when your product arrives to nearest post office.

Why didn’t I get any order confirmation?
It is important to ensure that the email address you enter is correct. Do not make a new order before checking the two steps below:

Step 1: Check among junk mail. If you can’t find e-mail proceed to step two.

Step 2: Contact Corlin Eyewear Customer Support. Send an email with your name to support@corlineyewear.com so that the support can check if the order has been registered in the system.