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Discover our selection of glasses that protect against blue light. Choose between 21 different silhouettes made from the high-quality material bio-acetate. Blue light blocking glasses exist to protect the blue light from reaching your eyes.


In recent years, the number of hours we humans sit in front of various screens has increased greatly. Screens such as tablets and mobile phones emit light that risks damaging and tiring our eyes. Our blue light glasses without strength have a built-in filter to help with eye fatigue and damage to the eye. The most common symptoms that occur after many hours in front of screens are dry and tired eyes, difficulty maintaining focus, disturbed sleep routines and headaches. In an everyday life that is characterized more and more by mobile phones, computer screens and tablets, we can recommend glasses with blue light filters. All our anti blue light glasses are without strength and protect against blue light that arises from screens.The reason why eyestrain occurs is because the eye is forced to focus at close range for longer periods of time. Our blue light glasses are optimized for the digital presence and help you focus up close for longer periods.

Our most popular blue block glasses, also called blue screen glasses, are the model's TODDYALA, and WILL.