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Elin Palmaer Karlsson, or as known as Elin PK, is a Swedish artist who creates colourful interior details for the home. Together with Elin PK we have co-created a project based on a pair of sunglasses - Lilly. Elin PK have designed a poster which buyers of a pair of Lilly will receive.




Get to know Elin and her thoughts:


What do you do for a living?

I’m doing quite a lot of things actually! Most of the time I create and sell posters and artworks, but I also collaborate with companies and  illustrate costume made illustrations - like the one I made for Corlin!  I’m so glad and thankful to be able to work with something I love!


What inspires you to be creative?

It is always hard to answer this question, since everything can spark  inspiration - the people in my life, a colourful flower or a stranger  walking by. So, if I could be corny...I guess I’m inspired to be  creative by life itself!


What does Corlin mean to you?

To me, Corlin means creativity and playfulness! I love all of your  content on social media!

What is the best thing about Lilly?

Hm I like a lot of things about Lilly - they are very comfortable, the  shape is so beautiful and I feel so cool wearing them haha!






Archived is a creative space founded 2019 in Kalmar. The concept had a clear trajectory since the project was started. By experimenting with materials such as rhinestones, vintage garments and natural sources, archived has become one of the most innovative collectives in the south. Almost everything is done in-house by hand, with techniques such as heat pressing, bleaching garments and hand painting jeans. “It is important for us to research and source for the most environmental friendly way doing a creation. This is why we are using salt-based bleach and thrifted garments in our process".  


Corlin Projects

We are happy to announce our collaboration between Corlin and Archived. Presenting the iconic casena shape with a perspective from Archived on the temples. The model is made of bio acetate and equipped with UV400 and CR39 protection and comes with a customized box and pouch.  


Corlin Projects

"This project has been a smooth ride for us, because we are sharing the same visions. We wanted to make an eye-catching product, with our own identity. We have already made the it-ring and we wanted to continue on making accessories with local brands. Our collections contains a wide range of colors which is why we made the shades in a bold colorway" says Archived.  

Corlin Projects

            Model: Beata Rydbacken, Photo: Mira Hansen

Corlin Projects



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