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Corlin was founded 2018 by two Swedish students with an idea to cautiously design high-quality and familiar eyewear. The first collection was launched the same year consisting of five sunglasses, one of them being the style Modena. Modena is today one of Corlin's bestselling sunglasses.




Through out the years we at Corlin continue to push the bundaries of what sunglasses can look and feel like. During 2021 our two staples Gelo and Todd was born. This year we launched our first tinted lenses and the lens Cinnamon came to be one of our signature colours.  



five years


2022 was a special year for us at Corlin, we launched our biggest collection of signature styles that defines us as a brand, Corlin Original. Corlin Original consist of 18 reinvented shades with different frames and coloured lenses. Alex came to be one of the favourites.  




2023 was the year of change. We launched a new logotype and new graphic elements to reflect Corlin as a brand. This year we also designed several different sunglasses inspired by the 60s, which has the new logo on the side. 




five years