Cookies are small text files that can be used by sites to give you as a user a personalized and more efficient experience of the site. At Corlin Eyewear we use four types of cookies. Below you can read about each category of cookies and what we use them for.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are the ones needed for the site to function properly. Without these cookies, basic functions such as page navigation and login options for your user account will not work. We also collect certain information through cookies for analytical purposes to improve our site and give us information about the effect of our marketing. In some cases, such cookie data is shared with our partners, for example, in affiliate marketing where we share a pseudonymized order number to link sales and returns with traffic from these partners. In some cases, IP addresses are shared with such partners to avoid fraud but are no longer stored than needed. The processing of cookies in this category is based on our legitimate interest to understand and improve how our site is used and to be able to pay our partners for purchases on our site that have come through their channels.



Settings allow a site to remember information that changes how the site works or is displayed. For example, it may be what settings you want for cookies.



We use information about how you use our site, your purchase history and other identifiers to provide you with a better experience of our site that is adapted to your preferences. This means that you can have personalized campaigns shown to you and offers tailored to products you like.



We use cookies to serve ads and offers that we think you are interested in and that are tailored to your preferences. Please note that you cannot deny our ability to display ads on external websites, but only if we have the right to use user information about you to customize the content of the ad. For example, it may be information that you have previously purchased dark sunglasses and therefore receive an advertisement with dark sunglasses, or that you have purchased from Corlin Eyewear where we believe you may be interested in offers from Corlin Eyewear. We handle such cookies based on our legitimate interest in being able to provide relevant information to you. You always have the option to disable them below, which will cease our handling of your user information to serve custom ads. We forward certain pieces of such information to the advertising and analytics companies we partner with who have the opportunity to use it to customize and improve their services.

Cookie Settings

Note that settings for these cookies only affect cookies in the browser for which you make these settings, you may need to update your preferences in several places if you use different browsers. If you become a member and agree to our terms and conditions, Corlin Eyewear will process your personal information (including by collecting new cookies) in a manner described in the Terms and Conditions. You have the same right and option to disable cookies as defined above.

How to delete cookies?

If you no longer wish to use cookies, in addition to disabling the ones you want above, you can turn off cookies in the settings in your browser. You can also set the browser to be prompted every time our site tries to place a cookie on your computer. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. How to delete cookies depends on which browser you use and you will find information on this:

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Flash cookies –