Explore our range of sunglasses with blue lenses. Designed in Stockholm, Sweden.



Our sunglasses with blue lenses and black frames have become popular in recent years. The advantage of blue lenses is that they can improve contrast and make it easier to see on bright days. They are also popular among athletes and are often used in sports sunglasses. They can help reduce glare and improve contrast, which can be especially useful in outdoor sports. Besides our blue styles, we have more variants of tinted shades for you to choose between to find the best suitable models for your personal style.

Blue lenses have become a popular trend in recent years and are often featured in fashion magazines and on social media, the lenses give the sunglasses a unique and stylish look. They can be paired with different outfits and can add a fashionable element to a person's look. All the sunglasses above are made of bio-acetate, which is a more sustainable choice of material compared to regular acetate which is often used in sunglasses. The most popular men´s sunglasses with blue lenses are our styles Todd Blue and Sam Black Blue